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The Tacsew BLST-2 Portable Blindstitcher is small, affordable and easy to use.A blind stitch is barely visible from the outside of the garment.Capable of extremely fast, near invisible stitches, this blind stitch machine is ideal for trouser and skirt hems and many types of repairs.You can select up to 60 stitches and even adjust the stitch length and width through the LCD display included in the machine.

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This machine includes extra needles, an oiler, two machine clamps and a specially fitted Allen-wrench set for maintenance. Cons. The tension is difficult.

The blind hem presser foot has a special guide on it to help keep your hem straight and reduce sloppy hemming.

Best Answer: I use a simple tabletop consew 75T blind stitcher that I got used.Singer Sewing Machines make the task every easier with a special stitch and foot.

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On the blind hem foot we have a little gauge on the side that kind of helps align your fabric so that the bite that the zigzag takes only catches the very edge of the fabric.

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Maher and Caplan became experts in setting up garment workrooms and blossomed into sewing machine manufacturers.The invention concerns a blind stitch sewing machine with an oscillating fabric deflector to make the sewing material bulge into the arcuate path of the arc needle.

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Then, to make the stitch, it makes it easier if you have the special Blind Hem Stitch Foot in your collection of sewing feet.Along with the blind hem stitch, hemming is very easy and beautiful with this foot.It has an adjustment bar, which is very convenient.There are several techniques for creating a blind stitch by hand sewing.

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Most of the multi-stitch sewing machines will have a blind stitch as one of the choices.Portable blind stitch hemmers are suitable for light to medium weight apparel fabrics, because the stitch penetration dial only has one revolution of adjustment, not enough for lowering of the needle into heavier weight drapery fabrics or blackout lining.

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Features: Advanced sewing features with 67 built-in stitches and 98 stitch functions.

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The sewing needle utilised for this machine is a curved one because it does not pierce through the fabric fully, but partially.Using a skip stitch feature, you can adjust between a 1 to 1 ratio and 2 to 1 stitching.

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Built-in are 17 unique utility and decorative stitches and an included automatic 4-step buttonhole in a compact, lightweight sewing machine.The REX RX-518 Portable Professional Grade Blind Stitch Sewing Machine is made using all metal construction.